7 Tips for Securing Conference Sponsorships and Collaborations

Securing sponsorships and collaborations is a critical component of planning a successful conference. It helps offset the costs and also adds value to the event by enhancing the attendee experience, boosting visibility, and facilitating networking opportunities. However, attracting sponsors and partners can be complex, especially in a competitive market. Below are seven tips to assist you in securing conference sponsorships and collaborations effectively:

1. Define Your Value Proposition

Before you approach potential sponsors and collaborators, understand what makes your conference unique and appealing. Identify your attendees’ demographics, the event’s reach, and how it aligns with the potential sponsor’s target audience. Outline the available exposure, engagement, and networking opportunities and provide concrete examples of how they will benefit. By clearly articulating what sets your conference apart, you provide potential partners with compelling reasons to invest.

2. Identify and Target the Right Partners

The next step is understanding who might be interested in sponsoring or collaborating with your conference.  Research and identify companies and organisations that align with your conference’s theme, audience, and goals. This alignment ensures that the partnership is mutually beneficial. Focus on those who have a history of sponsoring similar events or have a vested interest in the subject matter of your conference.

3. Develop Tailored Proposals

One size does not fit all when it comes to sponsorship. Tailor your proposals to each potential sponsor or collaborator, highlighting the specific benefits and opportunities that align with their goals and interests. Show them how their involvement will help them reach their target audience, enhance their brand visibility, or achieve other objectives. By offering different levels of visibility, engagement, and perks, you cater to a wider range of potential sponsors, increasing your chances of securing support.

4. Leverage Your Network

Personal connections and recommendations can make a significant difference when seeking sponsorships. Contact your professional network, colleagues, past sponsors, and industry contacts to find potential leads. Try encouraging team members, speakers, exhibitors, and other stakeholders to assist in identifying and reaching out to potential partners. A warm introduction or a personal connection can often open doors that might otherwise remain closed.

5. Showcase Past Successes

If your conference has been held previously, showcasing its past successes can be a powerful tool in attracting new sponsors. Share statistics, testimonials, media coverage, and other tangible evidence of the positive impact and reach of the event. Demonstrating a track record of success builds credibility and confidence in potential sponsors and collaborators.

6. Engage a Professional Conference Organizer

Consider engaging a professional conference organizer with experience in securing sponsorships and collaborations. Their expertise, industry connections, and knowledge of best practices can streamline the process and maximise the potential for success. An experienced conference organiser knows how to present your event in the best light and negotiate deals that benefit both parties.

7. Fulfill Your Promises and Follow-up

Communication is key in securing sponsorships and collaborations. Present your proposal professionally, clearly articulate the benefits, and be responsive to inquiries. Once you have secured sponsorships and collaborations, delivering on your promises is crucial. Keep sponsors informed, meet your commitments, and ensure they receive the outlined benefits. After the event, provide a detailed report on the results and express gratitude for their support. A successful partnership this year can lead to continued support in the future.


Securing sponsorships and collaborations is a vital aspect of conference planning that requires strategic thinking, clear communication, and persistence. These partnerships not only provide financial support but also add layers of richness and interaction to the conference, enhancing the overall experience for attendees. With careful planning and a thoughtful approach, you position your event for success.

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